Published: 02/17/2015
ISBN: 978-1444192940
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Length: 160 pages

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The Renaissance: All That Matters

A concise guide to one of Europe’s most important cultural and artistic movements. Published by McGraw Hill in the “Teach Yourself” series.

Was the Renaissance just a period of extraordinary art and architecture?

The Renaissance: All That Matters examines the major developments of the Renaissance era from its beginnings in Italian city/states to later cultural, political, and scientific achievements in France, Spain, England, and Germany.

By examining original sources and introducing readers to new research and important debates, this accessible book provides an exciting introduction to the Renaissance age. It is a perfect guide for travelers seeking a concise introduction to the Renaissance in Europe, as well as students and teachers who need a supplemental text to accompany lectures on Renaissance art, politics, and culture.

The book emphasizes two practical themes to orient readers to the period. Firstly, what are the essential features of the Renaissance movement that gradually transformed Europe in the fourteenth, fifteenth, and sixteenth centuries? Secondly, how many of these cultural, artistic, and intellectual transformations continue to influence modern societies today?


“Fascinating not only for those looking to expand their knowledge of the Renaissance, but also those who don’t quite know where to begin.”  –Teresa H. (via

A concise guide to understanding the era which still sparks fascination. I would recommend it for anyone interested in beginning or polishing up on their relationship with the Renaissance.”  –Kendall H. (via

“Halvorson’s book is concise, clear… and wonderfully readable; a perfect introduction to a complicated period in history. I highly recommend it.”  –North F. (via

“A quick, easy, and fascinating read for people of all ages. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in the Renaissance and how it shapes the way we think about modern Europe…”  –Harmony B. (via

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